Things a Whistleblower Attorney does for you: That you Probably Can’t Do for yourself

If you expose your organization’s unethical or illegal act – whether it’s a threat to public interest, violation of company rules/policy, fraud or corruption – you may be subject to discrimination or even wrongful termination from your employer. While it is within your rights to bring allegations or information to notice, the consequences can have a toll on you, especially when your employer chooses to retaliate against you.  In such a case, it is essential to consult with a qualified employment Read more [...]

Visit the exact Source the Law Offices of Kirk a Cullimore

Eviction law is the cluster of law in any state regarding how tenants and landlords must interact. It is designed to protect tenants from landlords and landlords from tenants both at the same time. These laws tend to work differently in every state. Some states make it more appealing to be a landlord from a legal perspective. Others seem to distrust landlords inherently on behalf of their tenants with the goal of keeping their tenants safely housed even in the face of financial difficulty. For Read more [...]

How to deal with personal injury

You need to start from just where you are, in order to get to where you desire to be. This involves the process of accepting what has occurred. It may take some time to adjust to a new concept of reality, especially if you have been robbed of your capacities, or if your appearance has been altered. If you find yourself in a state of shock initially, coupled with feelings of distress, do not be surprised. Similarly to how your body can result in bruises physically after injury, you can also become Read more [...]