How Reading’s station renovation will boost its business culture

Reading can already claim to be a successful business location for many reasons. It is ideally located in the M4 corridor west of London, meaning it has a fast road link to the capital and is also conveniently situated for business travellers flying in and out of Heathrow Airport. At the same time it is cheaper to live and rent offices in than the centre of London. All this may mark out Reading as a very good place to do business, but further development may help boost the town's business credentials. Read more [...]

Are Your Employees Sharing Confidential Information?

Confidential information is one of a company’s most valuable assets. It is important for all employees who have access to such information to refrain from using it in a way that could hurt the company. It could be as innocent as telling a friend or family member about a special project they are working on or malicious like downloading files to take with them when they leave the company. Insider theft is an epidemic in business and it doesn’t always have to do with physical items, it can be an Read more [...]